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Ever thought to yourself, it’s nobody else’s business? Dell-Maree Day is in the exact opposite sphere to that thought. Her business is the business of bodies, every body’s bodies.

Welcome to Issue No. 2 of Aurum’s LIKE A BOSS series. In this series, we are privileged to be joined by Dell-Maree Day, the inventor who turned a revolutionary new concept of movement into a thriving business, namely The Invisible Exercise.

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Dell-Maree Day walks into a room, though tiny in stature, commanding a presence. Her posture is perfect, smile warm and energy felt. Her mission is to introduce those willing to place their preconceived ideas, scientific research and buzzfeed approved articles to one side, and explore a new concept of movement with her. But how did I get on my living room floor with my feet on the wall?

Dell-Maree Day started in what we now know as the ‘Fitness Industry, ‘before it was an Industry,’ she explains, ‘long before there were fitness classes and Gym was a guy’s name with an unusual spelling!’ Hailing from Brissie, she was training to be a P.E Teacher when she L-shape grapevined across something that got her attention, Cardio Rhythmics. Unfortunately for Brit-pop music tragic like myself, this wasn’t the same as the Eurhythmics, a British pop duo at the time. This was one of the first aerobics classes to be introduced in Australia and of course it came from Melbourne where all the cool things come from like the band Jet, latte art and The Hemsworth’s. Dell Maree signed up, learned the craft and began teaching, a five, six, seven eight.

She is trained in Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics which has been the backbone (sorry but not totally sorry) for the foundation of The Invisible Exercise which ‘asks you to work with bone, not muscle, and this is a game changer.’ Dell-Maree explains.

Dell-Maree cites her consistently inquisitive brain, albeit a blessing and a curse, as the main driver for forging a new path in fitness and admits quite frankly, she’s ‘suspicious of anything that isn’t deeply logical.’ Perhaps if we all applied this filter on things, we’d do less fad dieting and spend more time making better decisions for our bodies? Just a thought. And just in case you thought that anyone with the balls to create, formulate, refine and launch their own fitness technique, has it all together? Oh please, ‘I question everyday if I could do things differently, understand something more fully or join more dots.’ She shares. This might come as a relief to anyone wading through that grey area of self-doubt, it’s one’s ability to believe in yourself and back yourself, in the face of adversity that sustains you.

I believe the children are our future, oh hang on, that was MJ, I believe in the power of story, this is why I wanted to create this BLOG series. When you dig past the posts on Instagram, far beyond the likes on Facebook what we all have is a story, and it’s our story that defines our character and creates our life experience. I was stunned when I heard Dell-Maree’s confronting life experience that not only birthed her son, but birthed her pursuit. In her own words, “Probably the most powerful thing that happened was after my son was born.  For all the core work, I had done my ‘sway’ back (anterior tilt) returned with a vengeance and I had to start all over again trying to stabilise my lower back and pelvis. I had gone into pregnancy super fit, I was confronted with having to get to the bottom of why all the core work I had done simply hadn’t worked.”

Her true fascination with the layers of who and what we are; body, mind and central nervous system has led her along this path, admitting that this ‘surprises me more than anyone.’ She identifies as ‘the body disciple’ and strongly believes we all have to start somewhere and ‘the single most important component to learning anything is to keep asking questions.’ And so, I did.

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As a person who works in the health and wellness arena, what is the most important thing we can do for our bodies daily?

Relax, stop trying so hard to be fitter, stronger, more beautiful, more this or more that.  Lie down, do The Invisible Exercise and you will remember and feel how amazing you and your body truly are.   Couldn’t resist that answer:)  Also go for a walk everyday!!! 

Once you had developed the TIE method, talk me through the process of taking it from an idea to a sustainable business.

I have always worked with clients both 1:1 and in my classes and as the results kept improving and the technique became more and more streamlined and the internet came to be I realised I could teach this long distance ie online.  Monique had been referred to me and she was very supportive and urged me to take this work ‘global’ as she put it.  We ran an trial online program to be sure TIE could be learnt online and were so happy with the results we decided to put our heads together and go for it.   Like any business lots of planning and work and one of our hardest challenges has been what to call it and how to describe it!!!!!

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Is your relationship with your body, in your opinion, an insight into how you might treat others?

This is a really tough question.  I feel balanced and content within my body and I no longer feel the need to push it too hard or enrol in complicated regimes to get and stay in shape.  I think this does impact how I treat others.  The more calm and balanced we are on the inside the more calm and balanced we become with our interactions with others.  Also the basis of fairness and consistency in our relationships with others comes from developing our own inner certainty and my work really enables the body to find it’s natural physical inner certainty. ie the perfect muscle to fire at the perfect moment in time so your body becomes more and more certain of how to be amazing all day.  This grounds us and assists our emotional well-being and inner certainty.  

Why do you think TIE is a game changer?

Up until now we have all focussed on training our muscles, the outcome of this approach is that we are only accessing a small number of muscles which in turn become dominant. The only way we can strengthen the 639 muscles in our body is by working with BONE. TIE teaches you to place bones correctly so that every joint in your body is perfectly placed all day; transforming your posture, body shape and muscle tone.

 This means every moment of your day the 639 muscles of your body are working for you to burn maximum calories and look and feel amazing; ALL DAY! Working with bone achieves the only permanent body transformation for EVERY BODY with results that will last a lifetime and that is why it’s a game changer.

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If someone reading this believes they are sitting on a game changing idea, whether they are or not, what is your advice?

You have to stay focused and keep going, hoping that you will get the breaks along the way.  Look for people who can support you and who believe in you and your product.  Take advice from others in the same industry and try to find a mentor. Have it (your idea) critiqued by people whose opinions you trust.  Then if you are still sure go for it!

How do you restore balance in your own life as an entrepreneur in this ever growing and dynamic industry?

I always keep things simple as much as possible.  Routine and prioritising my children.

The Aurum Collective, Inspirational Quote, LIKE A BOSS blog series, career blog, business blog, women's blog, women's fashion, women's health and wellbeing, inspirational blog

Does my butt look big in this? 

Good posture equals a relaxed physique with the proportions that are both visually pleasing and structurally spot on.  When the lumbar curve is the correct anatomical position our bottoms look so much better ….. not too big or too small.   Optical illusion!  So, what dictates the shape of the bottom is the lumbar curve and 80% of women have an anterior tilt, or sway back (lumbar curve too generous) so this is the optical illusion of making bottoms look bigger than what they are!

As posture improves this is both pleasing to the eye, yours and others, and is the single most important ingredient to clothes looking and feeling great and flattering you.   Dangerous to the wallet, great for the industry!

Of course, as posture improves more muscles work all day and you burn more calories, so all round you’re on a winner.


This journey for Dell-Maree from high cut leotards, holding her own in a diverse and ever changing industry, to the creation of her own technique, shows that passion trumps just about everything. Without her true joy in discovering the layers of our body, her constant line of questioning, all stems from one place. Her core and not just her six pack, her true essence of herself. She in within her work and her work springs from the heart behind what she loves.

It’s difficult to grasp at first, but perhaps doing less is better for you. Practicing TIE is visually subtle but in every other way, truly dramatic, much like starting a business.

To find out more, visit www.theinvisibleexercise.com.au and follow @theinvisibleexercise on Instagram.


By Maz Compton


This is Issue No. 2 of The Aurum Collective’s LIKE A BOSS series, where we interview powerhouse business women in a range of industries who share their professional wisdom. You can read more about the LIKE A BOSS series here.

Want to learn more about the author, Maz Compton? You can read all about Maz and her career journey as an entertainment reporter, radio personality, author, entrepreneur and industry game changer in Issue No. 1.

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Date published: 11 September 2017

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