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Meet the face of The Aurum Collective’s Travel Collection campaign, Zoë Hoad. Far from just a pretty face, the Gold Coast glamour talks openly to us about her passions, her dreams and her journey to becoming her own hero.

The Aurum Collective Women's Suit: Women's Travel Jacket and Women's tailored Slim Leg Trousers black
Zoë wearing our Travel Jacket and Slim Leg Trousers. Photography by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery of Clash Studio.

Thank you for joining us, Zoë! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

I am Gold Coast born and raised, I love the beach, the gym, the kitchen and being in front of a camera. I have been modelling since I was 15 years old.

You are one very talented individual with a strong passion for writing, acting and healthy living. Do you have dreams to turn those passions into a career?

Thank you, yes I love writing. I’m not entirely sure where I acquired the ability to write well. It seems to just come naturally to me. I feel and I write, but when it comes to things like an essay its not as fluent as my emotional pieces.

I also love acting, I love being someone else – even if it’s for a second, I am in the midsts of pursuing my acting, my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. But good things take time and I know my acting is a great thing!

As for my health and wellbeing work, I fell into it from learning from my past experiences and mistakes. I did have, and still do have, extremely high standards for my physical body, but when I realised it was causing dramatic problems to my wellbeing I educated myself out of illness and into a new passion. I hope to help many women in finding peace with their bodies, as I believe it’s a struggle we all face at least once in our lives.

What interests you most about writing? What style of writing do you enjoy the most?

I like that I can express myself with all the time in the world. When I talk to people personally I sometimes get overwhelmed and have an intense sense of judgement from others (anxiety floods my system often). So I find a lot of peace in writing, and a lot of time to get what I want to say right instead of speaking out of fear and inevitably stuffing up my words or saying the wrong thing. I love listening to personal/ emotional poetry, I find metaphors relatable and exciting, like a new way to communicate. I guess my brain just works that way, just like some people are “good” at maths, I’m just “good” at writing.

The Aurum Collective Women's Suit: Women's Travel Jacket and Women's tailored Slim Leg Trousers black. Zoe Hoad
Photography by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery of Clash Studio.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

The best advice I ever received was from Mike Tyson. He said many wise quotes that I live by day to day, but the most prominent and definitive came from his Mentor/ trainer ‘Cus’-  “You think you know the difference between a Hero and a Coward? Well there is no difference between a hero and a coward in what they feel. The hero and the coward feel exactly the same but you have to discipline to do what a hero does, and to keep yourself from doing what the coward does”.  I resonated with this from my struggles with physical vs emotional state. Trying to cover up what my emotional issues were by “looking pretty”. I was a coward on the inside but a hero on the outside. I found a great sense of contrast and irony in this quote.

What is the best lesson you have learnt?

I have learnt many lessons for a 20 year old. After all, you learn from experience. Most 20 year olds wouldn’t have gone through a quarter of my lifes experiences (negative and positive), but it’s not necessarily the experiences that shape you, it’s what you learn and take from those experiences that shape you as a person.

I have learnt recently that life will work with you only if you try, nobody will fix your problems for you. You are the captain of your own ship, you determine where you end up and want to go. If you want to get well, you will. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. Nobody will do anything for you, it’s up to the captain in the control room.

Who is a woman that inspires you?

A woman that inspires me is my mother. She is the strongest woman I know.

Other than my mother I would say Oprah. She’s an incredible human being.

How do you love to spend your spare time?

Spare time is usually spent in the gym, at the beach, cooking, playing guitar and piano, or working with a creative group on my portfolio. I love being productive.

What are you most excited about and why?

I am most excited about my future. I’m often alone and working on myself and I forget that I’m young and I rarely give myself a chance to have fun. So I think I will find a lot of friends and new found passion in acting which I will harness and steer to success  .

Where will we find you this year?

You will find me on the Gold Coast for the most part. Unless life throws something else at me, but I’m always up for adventure!


Zoë is the face of The Aurum Collective’s Travel Collection campaign.

You can follow Zoë’s journey at www.zoehoad.com or on Instagram @zoehoad.

Photography by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery of Clash Studio. You can follow Jellan’s work on Instagram @clash.studio

Published 25 April 2017.

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